F. G. Cheney Limestone Co.
F. G. Cheney Plant #2 9400 Sand Road
Bellevue MI 49021
PHONE 269 763-9541
FAX 269 763 -9395
EMAIL info@cheneylimestone.com

Hours of Operation
M - F  8:00am - 4:30pm
Sat - Sun Closed

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Our Products:

All of our limestone products come from our Bellevue, Michigan quarry and are 100% crushed, screened, and sized into the following products:

Aglime: Our agricultural lime is a high calcium lime produced in a Stedman Cage-Mill. The cage mill yields a fine product which is quick-acting, while still retaining some larger particles for residual neutralization in later months.
A Recent Technical Analysis Follows:
97.8% passing 8 mesh / 45.3% passing 60 mesh / 35.9% passing 100 mesh
35.74% Calcium / 00.35% Magnesium
Calcium Carbonate Equivalent:
92.33% neutralizing value
Our road chips are a 1/8 X 7/8 product that is ideal for topping: driveways and paths.
It packs well / Stays in place / Easy to shovel

Our coarse aggregate is a 7/8 X 2 product that works well in stabilizing wet or muddy roadways.
It makes an excellent base material and is still suitable for driveways. Other uses include sewer and railroad ballast.

While not a true rip-rap material, this product is larger than our coarse material with a top size 6 to 8. It has been used to stabilize swampy ground / to line the banks of a river / streams / anywhere a large product is needed.

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